Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10cm - 아메리카노

Made me tap my toes! Sensational rhythm and sound - 10cm (Korean alternative duo)'s "Americano"
Soak it up :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cheap Monday Pre Release 2011 Jeans

Pre-release SS 2011 jeans

Cheap Monday is making a pre-release of 5 selected jeans styles from the SS 11 collection. A limited number of jeans will be available in boutiques on August 18th, directly after the Spring Summer 11 show.
The inspiration for the SS 2011 collection comes from Latin denim fashion, Italian diamonté and LA celebrity taste, which is clear to see in the selected jeans.
The SS 11 jeans are sold at standard, low Cheap Monday prices through the Cheap Monday Store, one of Weekday’s stores and available world wide at (

MUNDI (Iceland)

I am absolutely loving this MUNDI sweater. It bundles you up like a doona; it's like a portable bed! It will definitely keep you warm for all those people who are facing winter in the next couple of months. Bonus, it's made from 100% icelandic wool which is light, flexible, plus its more water resistant than any other wool. So wrap up in Mundi this winter!